Phase 1

Steep learning curve in this phase

Critical for advisory work to have full picture to yield desired outcome

Phase 2

Identify with the client their areas of priority.

Possible areas of focus :

Budgeting and cash flow projection

To instil discipline in the organisation's cost control and cash flow management

Management reporting and developing key performance measures

Ensuring the timeliness of financial reports and providing an analysis of results. Developing key performance measures to track outcomes.

Reconciliation between numbers from different systems

This might be necessary when organisations maintain operational data over multiple systems.

Business partnering and advisory

Developing growth strategies and evaluating new business acquisitions. Involves regular discussion around strategy and plans and working towards long term goals of the organisation.

Corporate debt financing

Sourcing for financing from banks and financial institutions and liaising and facilitating the process of loan application and approval.

Internal Controls and Processes

This is necessary at times when scale gets ahead of the organisation and it is critical to get proper and appropriate formal structures and processes in place for risk management.

Phase 3

Project structure & timeline

  • Priority Areas Identified

  • Agree on project deliverables

  • Set project expectations

  • Set project timelines